Post Construction

Post Construction

EaglePrintScan (1) For my Assemblies assignment, I focused on the photoshop aspect of the previous assignments that required photoshop. What I tried to do was highlight the steps that I both remembered the most and that I thought would’ve been most useful for me to follow when I had first made made these sketches. This […]

DK Devolved

I chose to make a 16×16 image of Donkey Kong, always my go-to mario kart character. I picked Donkey Kong because the first sensible thing that came to my mind when thinking about limited pixel size was the original 8-bit Donkey Kong arcade game. In that game, Donkey Kong kidnaps Mario’s (then called “Jumpman”) love […]

Time is Short

Time What I liked about this sketch is how the nature of the sketch forces you to think creatively in order to produce something good within its boundaries. I read the passage and instantly thought that it would be easy to choose something given the content on the page, since the words that stood out […]

Can you trust Defranco?

For this podcast, I was the producer and Olivia was the assistant producer. We talked about Philip Defranco as a New Media news source and why so many people trust him to deliver the news. We concluded that an amalgamation of factors were responsible for his success, including his independence in revenue, the fact that […]

Macroeconomics Alive

  Measuring Changes in Cost of Living For the lecture that I used for my “visual note taking” experiment, my class talked about the different ways of measuring changes in the cost of living in preparation for the next lecture about foreign exchange markets. I chose this topic because I felt like I knew the […]

Ball in Perpetuity

The original idea behind “Ball in Perpetuity” was to spin a ball on my finger and then turn that into a GIF, since I can’t spin a ball on my finger for longer than like 1-2 seconds. I had fun filming it, but I ran into a number of problems while actually making the cinema-graph […]

Pulp Fiction at a Glimpse

Before this weekend, I had never seen Pulp Fiction and was left shocked and confused. One of my favorite movies of all time, Django Unchained, was also written by Tarantino, so I was expecting a similar action-packed but easy to follow flick. That didn’t quite happen. Pulp Fiction had a personality of its own. The […]

Reflection: Casey Neistat

This week on Media Nouveau, Jake and I decided to focus on vlogging and its growing impact on New Media, specifically through renown vlogger and fun-enthusiast Casey Neistat. Going into the episode, we challenged our listeners by asking them “How did Casey Neistat become so successful?” and delved into potential explanations for his prosperity on […]

How Efficient is my Sleep?

Sleep for me is an enigma. There have been periods of my life in which I’ve been able to consistently get the recommended 8 hours, but for the most part sleep has eluded me. In college, I’ve been trying to remedy this by maintaining a more rigid sleep schedule, but I’ve still been waking up […]