Sketch 14: Assembles

For this sketch assignment, I decided to break down what I have learned with the assignments. For the website and the domain, I was challenged but was able to create my own digital identity and be in control of my digital citizenship. The sketch assignments challenged me to view writing as one of a process […]


Sketch 10: Visual Note Taking

I am an avid doodler, so all of my hand-written notes look very similar to this. I often take notes in various colored pens where I write down important words or phrases larger, with different bubble letters or handwriting styles to further emphasize the concept. For this assignment, the only main difference that I employed […]

Sketch 9: Cinemagraph

For this sketch assignment, I decided to create a cinemagraph of a tennis ball bouncing because I wanted to highlight the actual bounce of a ball. I wanted to show this bounce because whenever I play tennis, I have to bounce the ball right before I serve. This one motion of the ball bouncing is […]

Sketch 7: Movie Montage

For this assignment, I wanted to create a movie montage of one of my favorite films, Legally Blonde. I cannot recall the amount of times that I have seen the movie, so I wanted to be able to analyze it in a different lens instead of watching the movie for pure entertainment and enjoyment. When I […]

Janet Murray Lecture Reflection

I attended Janet Murray’s lecture “Beyond the Holodeck: Toward a Transformational Digital Storytelling Practice” on October 4, 2017. Janet Murray’s lecture focused on digital narratives and how these narratives are just as meaningful and profound as literature. She focused on the transformational aspects of digital narrative and the multisequential and multiform narratives that have been […]