Screenshot showing map layers on the ATLMaps site


More information to come ATLMaps Hannah Palmer Hannah S. Palmer is a writer and urban designer who grew up in Atlanta, in a neighborhood that is gone now, covered over by Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. I'm From Here project at ATLMaps. ...

Drawing in an architectural style, showing how to build cocktails


For some unknown reason, the National Archives includes a document entitled Cocktail Construction Chart, which was created by the US Forest Service in 1974, showing recipes for a group of cocktails represented in the style of an architectural diagram. ...

Graffiti cover reads "Look Book"

Final Portfolio Outcomes Essay

Look back over the writing you’ve encountered and produced this semester, and then draft an essay that reflects on what you have learned. This essay is an opportunity to think about your writing and clarify — for yourself and portfolio readers — how your skills and awareness of your writing processes have grown this semester. Think of each piece of writing that you include in your letter as an “exhibit” that you are analyzing and reflecting on in this essay.

Photo of a music mixing board

Music Mix

Due: 9/25 This week, I want you to think about using audio for particular rhetorical situations by creating a mix playlist with a group of songs.  Rules (all of which are breakable, if you have a good justification for why): I usually think of a m ...