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Bilibili and Participatory Democracy

Our words are the bullets, and bilibili is our gun! In this episode of Media Nouveau, we introduce a unique video-sharing website called “bilibili” that features a special “bullet comment system” — comments appearing or moving as a stream of bullets on the video playback screen. Peculiar at the first glance, the rise of bilibili invoked a revolution in the Chinese media public sphere. Why is the website revolutionary? And what is its implication of our contemporary new media environment? Find the answers in our podcast!

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Vlogger Casey Neistat

In our podcast we explore the new media phenomenon that has quickly become a legitimate industry. This is Vlogging. We look at vlogger Casey Neistat who has amassed such a following since his beginning his daily vlog series and what makes him so popular and unique. We also look at some barriers to entry in the current vlogging industry and how Casey specifically has been able to overcome these new obstacles. Lastly, we establish the history behind daily vlogs and how our obsession with other people’s lives paved the way for vloggers today. The New Media concepts that are specifically highlighted are these barriers to entry as well as the spreadibility of media as vlogging provides a wide platform for information. We hope you enjoy the show.