Ball in Perpetuity

The original idea behind “Ball in Perpetuity” was to spin a ball on my finger and then turn that into a GIF, since I can’t spin a ball on my finger for longer than like 1-2 seconds. I had fun filming it, but I ran into a number of problems while actually making the cinema-graph […]

Whirlpool Cinemagraph

In creating this cinemagraph, I knew I wanted to do something with water. From the ones that I browsed through, I thought the ones that had water elements looked the most interesting because of the stark contrast between the fluidity of liquid and the motionless background. So, I had my friend create a tornado in his water bottle, and I recorded him. I then imported this video file into Photoshop to edit. I actually had great difficulty with photoshop because…

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I really enjoyed doing this assignment since I decided to make a cinemagraph with the best scene of a film starring Leslie Cheung, one of my favorite actor who committed suicide on April 1, 2003. Leaving the world and all who love him, Leslie had remained numerous classic films he starred, which record his unsurpassable performances. The clip I used in this cinemagraph is from Happy Together (春光乍泄), a 1997 Hong Kong romance film directed by Wong Kar-wai, and starring Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung Chiu-wai. This smoking scene of Leslie is always praised as the most handsome smoking scene in Chinese films. By making a cinemagraph of …

Sketch 9: Cinemagraph

For this sketch assignment, I decided to create a cinemagraph of a tennis ball bouncing because I wanted to highlight the actual bounce of a ball. I wanted to show this bounce because whenever I play tennis, I have to bounce the ball right before I serve. This one motion of the ball bouncing is […]