Sketch 2: Combophoto

When approaching this assignment, I decided to combine two images that are unexpected together based on the location. The giant panda is native to south central China, and the mountain range represented is the Huangshan which is located in southeast China. While both the panda and the mountain range are found in China, the climate […]

Drawing in an architectural style, showing how to build cocktails


For some unknown reason, the National Archives includes a document entitled Cocktail Construction Chart, which was created by the US Forest Service in 1974, showing recipes for a group of cocktails represented in the style of an architectural diagram. ...

Photo of a music mixing board

Music Mix

Due: 9/25 This week, I want you to think about using audio for particular rhetorical situations by creating a mix playlist with a group of songs.  Rules (all of which are breakable, if you have a good justification for why): I usually think of a m ...