Gif of Alec Baldwin in Glenngary Glenn Ross edited so that he says "Always Be Writing"

A person in an Avatar: The Last Airbender costume

1. Avatar (due: 8/29. tag: sk1)

A mashup of two photos: the body of a poodle with the head replaced by a head of cauliflower

2. Combophotos (due: 9/4. tag: sk2)

Logo for The Web We Weave

3. Podcast Graphics (due: 9/11. tag: sk3)

Triptych of photos of a man on rocks, reads: 1. In the caves behind my house I found a softer world. 2 They understand what I had to do for love. 3 They don't believe in restraining orders
Photo of a music mixing board

5. Music Mix (due: 9/25. tag: sk5)

7. Movie Montage (due: 10/16. tag: sk7)

An example of a Gantt chart

8. Gantt Chart (due: 10/23. tag: sk8) Assignment canceled.

A cinemegraph of a black bear: it's a still photograph, except for a black bear rubbing its back against a tree trunk, which loops

9. Cinemagraph (due: 10/30. tag: sk9)

10. Visual Note Taking (due: 11/6. tag: sk10)

11. Recreate a Movie Scene (due: 11/13. tag: sk11)

12. A Human Document Visual Poem (due: 11/20. tag: sk12)

A pixelated version of Clint Eastwood

13. 256 Points (due: 11/27. tag: sk13)

Drawing in an architectural style, showing how to build cocktails

14. Assemblies (due: 12/4. tag: sk14)