Data Visualization

For this data visualization assignment I chose to measure the frustration level of my daily life. The reason why I chose to measure this concept is because this semester has been the busiest one in my college life due to my graduate school application. At the point of doing this assignment, I felt overwhelmed by multitasking school work and graduate school application and always felt upset about what happened to me, till one day I asked myself: do I really have so much frustration every day or am I overreacting to my daily tasks? Therefore I decided to trace my …

How Efficient is my Sleep?

Sleep for me is an enigma. There have been periods of my life in which I’ve been able to consistently get the recommended 8 hours, but for the most part sleep has eluded me. In college, I’ve been trying to remedy this by maintaining a more rigid sleep schedule, but I’ve still been waking up […]