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Philip Defranco and Casual Journalism

On this episode of Media Nouveau, Andres Salas and Olivia Katz tackle the Philip Defranco show and try to unravel Philip Defranco’s ability to garner trust in his audience. Philip Defranco is a popular YouTuber who has often been compared to the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. He’s known for his casual style and trustworthy journalism, a hard reputation to establish and maintain in an era of “fake news”. What is it that makes him stand out from major news outlets? Is it his financial independence or his meta-ironic T-shirts? Find out the answer to these questions and more on this week’s episode of Media Nouveau.

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Vlogger Casey Neistat

In our podcast we explore the new media phenomenon that has quickly become a legitimate industry. This is Vlogging. We look at vlogger Casey Neistat who has amassed such a following since his beginning his daily vlog series and what makes him so popular and unique. We also look at some barriers to entry in the current vlogging industry and how Casey specifically has been able to overcome these new obstacles. Lastly, we establish the history behind daily vlogs and how our obsession with other people’s lives paved the way for vloggers today. The New Media concepts that are specifically highlighted are these barriers to entry as well as the spreadibility of media as vlogging provides a wide platform for information. We hope you enjoy the show.

Reflection: Casey Neistat

This week on Media Nouveau, Jake and I decided to focus on vlogging and its growing impact on New Media, specifically through renown vlogger and fun-enthusiast Casey Neistat. Going into the episode, we challenged our listeners by asking them “How did Casey Neistat become so successful?” and delved into potential explanations for his prosperity on […]