Can you trust Defranco?

For this podcast, I was the producer and Olivia was the assistant producer. We talked about Philip Defranco as a New Media news source and why so many people trust him to deliver the news. We concluded that an amalgamation of factors were responsible for his success, including his independence in revenue, the fact that […]

Podcast Reflection: Bilibili and Participatory Democracy

Screenshot of Sherlock Holmes on bilibili   Cindy, the producer of this episode, brought to me her idea of talking about bilibili, a Chinese video-sharing website that acquires the hearts of millions of users, especially teenagers and the young in the 20s. I knew that Cindy is a big fan of bilibili and always uses it to watch Japanese anime. As for me, I have been using it for a few times, but I am certainly not as acquainted as Cindy is. As the assistant producer of this episode, rather to say that I helped Cindy integrate information of bilibili, I performed …

Podcast Reflection: Renren’s Rise and Fall

Renren struggles to halt decline by China Daily    In this episode I chose to talk about Renren’s rise and fall by elaborating its original mechanism and its later transformation. I came up with a broad idea that I wanted to talk about Renren and its comparison with Facebook a week before the podcast had done. Then I brought this idea to professor Morgen to see if it would work. He gave me really specific and helpful advice by suggesting me to delve into the reasons why Renren declined despite of operating the similar strategies with Facebook and to integrate …

Interactive Cinema Podcast Reflection

As the producer, I wanted to do a podcast over TV entertainment because when we did an overview of the current podcasts during class, it was noted that none of the episodes really talked about media entertainment. So, while browsing the web for something “new media”, I stumbled upon an interactive children’s TV show called Puss In Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale on Netflix. Intrigued by the “interactive” label, I sat down and went through this particular episode on my…

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Renren’s Rise and Fall

In this episode of Media Nouveau, we discuss a Chinese social network, Renren, the so-called “Facebook of China”. By introducing Renren’s original orientation and strategies and comparing them with its later transformation, we delve into the reasons why Renren became famous in the beginning but quickly declined within a few years though it took a similar path with Facebook. What did Renren do wrong? Let’s find the answers in this podcast!