Assemblies: Sketch-by-step

Throughout the course of the semester, I have had to tap into my creative potential in novel ways in order to produce visually appealing, yet informative or otherwise interesting sketch assignments each week. I have had to exercise existing strengths (i.e., writing, researching) as well as develop weaker skills (i.e., drawing, working with unfamiliar software)

Post Construction

Post Construction

EaglePrintScan (1) For my Assemblies assignment, I focused on the photoshop aspect of the previous assignments that required photoshop. What I tried to do was highlight the steps that I both remembered the most and that I thought would’ve been most useful for me to follow when I had first made made these sketches. This […]

Sketch 14: Assembles

For this sketch assignment, I decided to break down what I have learned with the assignments. For the website and the domain, I was challenged but was able to create my own digital identity and be in control of my digital citizenship. The sketch assignments challenged me to view writing as one of a process […]

Drawing in an architectural style, showing how to build cocktails


For some unknown reason, the National Archives includes a document entitled Cocktail Construction Chart, which was created by the US Forest Service in 1974, showing recipes for a group of cocktails represented in the style of an architectural diagram. ...