Macroeconomics Alive

  Measuring Changes in Cost of Living For the lecture that I used for my “visual note taking” experiment, my class talked about the different ways of measuring changes in the cost of living in preparation for the next lecture about foreign exchange markets. I chose this topic because I felt like I knew the […]

Stocks, Bonds, and Creative Drawings

The Visual Note Taking Assignment has been the most unique assignment I have completed for my new media writing class. I had the opportunity to turn a bland, straight-forward lecture into something original. The lecture was on the Efficient Market Hypothesis, which states that “stock prices correctly measure the firms future earnings and dividends and …

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Anthropology Visual Note Taking

            For this sketch assignment, I chose to do visual note taking for my anthropology class about biological evolution and behavior. As it was suggested, I first took notes digitally in class on a google document. Then I took the notes I had and the lecture pdf to create this visual, and I decided to create this visual on paper. I organized my notes in chronological order, and I used red arrows to indicate the…

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