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Philip Defranco and Casual Journalism

On this episode of Media Nouveau, Andres Salas and Olivia Katz tackle the Philip Defranco show and try to unravel Philip Defranco’s ability to garner trust in his audience. Philip Defranco is a popular YouTuber who has often been compared to the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. He’s known for his casual style and trustworthy journalism, a hard reputation to establish and maintain in an era of “fake news”. What is it that makes him stand out from major news outlets? Is it his financial independence or his meta-ironic T-shirts? Find out the answer to these questions and more on this week’s episode of Media Nouveau.


Vox and Exploratory Journalism

In this week’s episode of Media Nouveau, we describe and analyze the digital news publication Vox. This news source has lead the way in the new media field of “explanatory journalism” where articles are written with more analysis and insight than previous methods of news delivery. We also analyze the changes Vox itself has made to cater to the audience’s changing consumption of media and how that defines its niche in the new media realm. We discuss its divergences from old media forms, and how this may be problematic. Linked below are some excellent sources, fun reads, and references to our bad jokes made throughout the episode.

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In this episode, we analyze BuzzFeed as a New Media publication. We discuss BuzzFeed’s user experience with our personal experiences. With the materials published on BuzzFeed and the articles we have collected, we analyze whether BuzzFeed could be viewed as a real high-quality journalism standard, how BuzzFeed, as a form of New Media, differentiates itself from Old media, and where BuzzFeed would take us to in the future. Hope you enjoy this!