A poem

For this assignment, “A Human Development”, I created this quote: “If I deserve nothing, You don’t know enough to believe in the worth of anybody”. I find that throughout anyone’s life, there is bound to be someone who brings us down and does not appreciate us for our worth. Thus,Read More >

a human document: unhappy

This piece is made from pg 9 of Ragged Dick. The words I have chosen go in this order: unhappy, tried to break free, But failed, swallow fate, Life. It veers towards the more negative vibe. I think these set of words could have several different meanings for different people, but for me, I take it as being stuck in a perpetual cycle in the norms of society. It is a rather pessimistic view of the world, but I take it…

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Visual Poem

  I used the second page of the chapter 6 of Dickens‘s novel Great Expectations to create this visual “poem” (though strictly speaking, it is not a real poem). The way I was trying to make it in the beginning was that I jumped around paragraph and paragraph to pick up random words, with an intention to use “I” and “You” to create this poem. I wanted to completely jump out of the original book’s context and made something totally different. But I found out it was so hard to make it possible, so I changed my strategy to read through the page …

Human Document: The Wall

To distress they be born Success made hard Where indomitable wealth stewards the creation of wealth in no man   This poem, which I am calling “The Wall,” was created by selecting words off of a book page. This particular page was discussing the life of Andrew Carnegie, who many will know as a steel