Movie Recreation: Tammy

I chose to recreate this image from the movie “Tammy” because it requires minimal props and/or setup and it is funny even outside of the context of the movie. While my face certainly looks goofy, I am no Melissa McCarthy and I could not exactly pull off the facial expression that she makes. I also


For this sketch assignment, I knew I wanted to recreate a horror movie scene in a library. One because I personally enjoy horror movies and two because libraries look somewhat the same universally so I thought that a library could be a good background to match any scene that involved shelves of books. I haven’t watched this movie, Kristy, but I thought it would be fitting since it is a story about a girl who decides to stay on campus for Thanksgiving…

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Movie Scene Recreation

The Graduate from    For this assignment, I chose to recreate a classic scene and also the poster of the film The Graduate. I started by skimming through images of “the classic movie scenes” on Google and selecting ones that I could most possibly imitate with the limited props I had. I found that most feasible scenes are characterize by male protagonists or female protagonists who look totally different from me in appearance, especially hairstyles. So I compromised by asking my boyfriend to help me to together pose for this picture (in which one of my legs is framed in). I …