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Tasty Videos

In this episode of Media Nouveau, we discuss Tasty videos, which are sped-up videos of two hands making a dish. We dive into questions such as what makes these videos so entertaining and popular? Why is a huge company like Buzzfeed promoting and creating these videos? Any what are the positive and negative effects that come from these videos? Tasty videos are part of the new growing food culture that has emerged in recent years. Moreover, Tasty videos are made for such a diverse audience that all types of people can appreciate and enjoy them.

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In this episode, we analyze BuzzFeed as a New Media publication. We discuss BuzzFeed’s user experience with our personal experiences. With the materials published on BuzzFeed and the articles we have collected, we analyze whether BuzzFeed could be viewed as a real high-quality journalism standard, how BuzzFeed, as a form of New Media, differentiates itself from Old media, and where BuzzFeed would take us to in the future. Hope you enjoy this!