Patients like me

PatientsLikeMe and Collective Intelligence

In this episode of Media Nouveau, we examine PatientsLikeMe, a new media platform that rests at the unlikely intersection of social media and scientific research. What are the implications of publicizing personal health data and applying it to a healthcare setting? We address issues of collective intelligence, HIPAA regulations, and protection of pre-existing conditions in order to explore this question and to reflect on the contributions of PatientsLikeMe regarding patient-centered care and biomedical research.

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Vlogger Casey Neistat

In our podcast we explore the new media phenomenon that has quickly become a legitimate industry. This is Vlogging. We look at vlogger Casey Neistat who has amassed such a following since his beginning his daily vlog series and what makes him so popular and unique. We also look at some barriers to entry in the current vlogging industry and how Casey specifically has been able to overcome these new obstacles. Lastly, we establish the history behind daily vlogs and how our obsession with other people’s lives paved the way for vloggers today. The New Media concepts that are specifically highlighted are these barriers to entry as well as the spreadibility of media as vlogging provides a wide platform for information. We hope you enjoy the show.

Betches Don't Broadcast

Betches Don’t Broadcast

Betches is a multimodal new media brand that has become very popular among millennial women. In our podcast we analyze the ways in which Betches uses the principles of new media to enhance its experience and why Betches would not work in an old media world. We chose to focus on the key terms narrowcasting and stickiness, as described by Jenkins and Creeber, and how Betches uses these new media techniques.

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In this episode, we analyze BuzzFeed as a New Media publication. We discuss BuzzFeed’s user experience with our personal experiences. With the materials published on BuzzFeed and the articles we have collected, we analyze whether BuzzFeed could be viewed as a real high-quality journalism standard, how BuzzFeed, as a form of New Media, differentiates itself from Old media, and where BuzzFeed would take us to in the future. Hope you enjoy this!

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Spread It on Reddit

In this episode of Media Nouveau, we explore how the news and media sharing website reddit fits into the New Media landscape. Reddit provides a scaffold for its users to curate, spread, and comment on posts, while promoting an open, respectful environment for free speech. We set out to analyze the qualities of reddit that define it as new media, as opposed to old media, and to criticize the implications of its radical free speech. At first glance, reddit is a confusing, messy, and often silly place. We hope to demystify its role in popular culture and successfully unpack the chaotic part it plays in the ever-changing media sphere.