Netflix Graphic

Netflix and Binge Watching

This podcast episode focuses on the ever increasing epidemic of binge watching, more specifically how it relates to the differences between Netflix and the current cable networks. Netflix is a form of new media that has used a bottom up consumer driven process as their business model. As a result, more and more original shows are “bingeable” and their episodes are being released all at once. This shift from an episode a week has completely revolutionized T.V. and in this episode we explore what is next for Netflix, Cable T.V., and the industry as a whole.


Puss-in-Book and Interactive Cinema

In this episode of Media Nouveau, we examine the evolution of interactive cinema, a platform that allows the audience to take an active role in creating the storyline. In the recent years, interactive cinema has experienced a surge in success thanks to the advancements of individualized technology such as smartphones and gaming consoles. Here we address the qualities of interactive cinema that make it worthwhile or valueless from both an audience and producer perspective, and we pull from specific examples such as Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, Late Shift, and Steven Johnson’s “Television.”