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Technology Literacy Narrative Reflection

Once you have published your technology literacy narrative as a page on your site, you’ll need to publish a post about the narrative that links to the page. That post serves three fundamental functions:

  • it provides a compelling preview of your narrative that summarizes the controlling idea of your narrative in a sentence or two
  • it reflects on what you have learned in the process of writing your technology literacy narrative
  • when your post syndicates to the class site, that constitutes turning in your narrative.

Some questions to consider in your reflection:

  • What was your writing process for this narrative like? Were the strategies, skills, and procedures you used effective for this assignment?
  • What did you learn about yourself by the end of writing your narrative?
  • This piece of writing is probably a fairly traditional narrative, but did you find yourself using new media strategies gained from reading Pullman and others so far? If so, how and why did those strategies affect your composition?
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