For this sketch, I decided to do the decomposition of elements for the Literacy Narrative which I find to be one of the major assignments. Looking at the example of cocktaile, I was confused at first on how to approach the assignment and what to include. However, I reflected upon the process of my […]


Marylin Monroe Mosaic

For this assignment, “256 Points”, I recreated a picture of Marylin Monroe. This assignment was quote challenging as nowadays everything is highly pixeleted and precise. We are not exposed anymore to old video games that were created with cube like figure. While creating this image, I had to rethink shapesRead More >

A poem

For this assignment, “A Human Development”, I created this quote: “If I deserve nothing, You don’t know enough to believe in the worth of anybody”. I find that throughout anyone’s life, there is bound to be someone who brings us down and does not appreciate us for our worth. Thus,Read More >

Almost Famous

For this assignment of recreating a movie scene, I decided to update the movie poster of the movie “Almost Famous”. Below is the movie poster I used for my inspiration: This poster is the most similar I could find on Flickr. The original movie poster just has the title writtenRead More >