Assemblies: Sketch-by-step

Throughout the course of the semester, I have had to tap into my creative potential in novel ways in order to produce visually appealing, yet informative or otherwise interesting sketch assignments each week. I have had to exercise existing strengths (i.e., writing, researching) as well as develop weaker skills (i.e., drawing, working with unfamiliar software)


Movie Recreation: Tammy

I chose to recreate this image from the movie “Tammy” because it requires minimal props and/or setup and it is funny even outside of the context of the movie. While my face certainly looks goofy, I am no Melissa McCarthy and I could not exactly pull off the facial expression that she makes. I also

Human Document: The Wall

To distress they be born Success made hard Where indomitable wealth stewards the creation of wealth in no man   This poem, which I am calling “The Wall,” was created by selecting words off of a book page. This particular page was discussing the life of Andrew Carnegie, who many will know as a steel

Visual Notes: Neuroethics Overview

I am taking a class entitled “Disability and Bioethics” this semester in which we consider ethical issues from a bioethical perspective in tandem with a disability studies perspective. We recently began the section on neuroethics, the introductory lecture for which I thought would be interesting represented visually. For this class, we read the introduction to Neuroethics: …

Cinemagraph: Where did all my time go?

I originally intended to create a cinemagraph of a bike with only its tires spinning. The inspiration came to me while I was at Piedmont Park the other day and I decided to shoot the footage right away, assuming all would work out. I had not yet seen the Lynda tutorial, however, which prevented me …


Reflection: PatientsLikeMe Podcast

This week, Dami and I created an episode of Media Nouveau in which we examined the website, PatientsLikeMe. Dami and I are both interested in health & medicine (Dami would like to go into nursing and I, public health), so we were both fascinated, yet befuddled by the idea of a website that breaks the typical …

paris je taime

Montage: Paris, je t’aime

Paris, je t’aime is an anthology of 18 vignettes that take place in almost all of the different arrondissements of Paris. To me, this film represents Paris from a multitude of atypical vantage points (the vignette that takes place in the 16e, an affluent neighborhood, portrays the perspective of an immigrant nanny who works for a …


Reflection: Soul Pancake & Spreadability

Creating the first episode of Media Nouveau was both a privilege and a hindrance. Christine and I sought to follow the format designed by the class in Soul Pancake & Spreadability, but we found it difficult to devise a question that could have two starkly distinct answers based on our observations of Soul Pancake. We …