When I first conceived what effect I wanted to make by this assemblies, I though about making a chart that reflects the relations between all the assignments I have done and three variables: motivation, time, and techniques. Then I figured out it would be hard to present them altogether within a chart, and the outcome would also be too vague to convey what I have learned in the class. Therefore, in order to narrow down the skills that are required and facilitated by the learning process of the class, and also cover all the tools I used when doing assignments, …

A Guide to New Media Writing

Image Credit: Jessekoeckhoven Image Credit: Dave Pape When I first completed this Assemblies assignment. I tried to create a table using Microsoft Word. When I pasted the table into WordPress, however, my images were deleted,the solid lines became dashed, and the text for each box in the table moved to the middle, rather than the more


For this week’s sketch, I drew inspiration from the Cocktail Construction Chart that was posted on the sketch assignment instructions, so I decided to create my diagram on powerpoint instead of drawing them out by hand. I tried to make it look like an architectural diagram by using a tan colored background and shades of black and gray for the text and pictures. While planning for this diagram, I wanted to portray my learning and thinking processes for this class in…

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