GIF from the video showing father, mother, and wife animated in a frame being separated

I have a message for you

Klara Prowisor, now 92 and living in Tel Aviv, escaped the gas chamber at Auschwitz by leaving her sick father behind as she jumped from a train in Belgium. Two decades later, she received a message from him. This 13-minute story is haunting and incredibly powerful.

Matan Rochliz interviewed Prowisor and created this short documentary film of her story for the New York Times, as part of their relatively new feature called “Op-Docs“:

Op-Docs is a series of short, interactive, and virtual reality documentaries. Each film is produced with wide creative latitude by both renowned and emerging filmmakers, and premieres across Times online platforms. The goal of each Op-Doc is to present a unique point of view.

The list of Op-Docs projects spans an impressive range of subjects and methods.

Would you identify the documentary video above as a new media artifact? Does the mixture of illustration along with the video footage make it different from traditional documentary film? Does it become new media when it’s called an Op-Doc and placed with other short documentaries that share some basic methodology but are otherwise unconnected?

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