category 4 hurricane

Week 4: Shuffling due to Irma

4  9/11 Sketch 3: Podcast graphics
 9/12 Glen Creeber, “Theorizing New Media” from Digital Cultures: Understanding New Media, edited by Glen Creeber and Royston Martin. (Emory course reserve link)
 9/14 Henry Jenkins “Why Media Spreads” from Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture by Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green. (Emory course reserve link)
5  9/18 [Begin collecting data for Sketch 6 data viz assignment] Sketch 4: Triptych

I hope that none of you had families impacted by Hurricanes Harvey or Irma. We’ll make some adjustments to our schedule but it shouldn’t be too big a disruption.

I had planned to spend Tuesday’s class discussing Creeber’s article in relation to the Jenkins article on convergence that we read last week, but didn’t get to discuss as thoroughly as I’d have liked before we shifted gears to the podcast series. We’ll do some of that on Thursday, but also hopefully begin to discuss the Jenkins’ Spreadable Media piece too. That discussion will likely bleed over into class next Tuesday.

We’ll also do a bit more brainstorming about our podcast series. Look over the (not at all exhaustive!) list of potential subjects beginning on page 3 of the Podcast Planning google doc and think about whether you find any of those interesting. Add any other publications you might be interested in examining. Note that there are a few items on the list that students covered last year — consider whether you think it’s okay for us to produce episodes that take those publications on still or whether that should be disallowed.

Finally on Thursday, we’ll spend just a few minutes looking ahead: I need to setup the activity with Pullman’s chapter for next week and the data collection necessary for sketch 6 (which is a couple of weeks away, but I want you to track data in preparation for completing the assignment so we need a bit of planning in advance).

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