The number 2

Week Ahead: 2

2  8/29 Domain purchased, class subdomain installed Sketch 1: Avatar
 8/31 Net Smart, chapter 1 “Attention! Why and How to Control Your Mind’s Most Powerful Instrument” (Emory library link)

Writing Online intro

Podcasts episode signups

(Note that the link for Net Smart on the materials page was broken, but as of now it’s corrected and I added the correct link in the table above.)

Make sure you’ve signed up for our class backchannel, Aula (class key to join our class: 8h6agl). There’s an important message waiting there for you regarding class on Thursday.

In class on Tuesday, we’ll clear up whatever problems cropped up as you signed up for your domains, installed WordPress, and created your avatars. I’ll give a brief overview of the WordPress dashboard and some of of the specific features I want you to pay attention to. You can ask any additional questions you might have about my expectations for the course, and we’ll talk about the assignments. We’ll also discuss your responses to the 21st Century Skills chart on the first day of class.

For Thursday, come to class having read the intro chapter to George Pullman’s Writing Online and the first chapter of Howard Rheingold’s Net Smart. We’ll spend most of the class period writing about and discussing those two texts.

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