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Week Ahead: 3

3  9/4 Sketch 2: Combophotos
 9/5 Henry Jenkins, “‘Worship at the Altar of Convergence’: A New Paradigm for Understanding Media Change” from Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide. (Emory course reserve link) Technology Literacy Narrative
 9/7 Guest: Charlie Bennett Podcast planning session Supercontext. Scroll through the front page of episodes and just try to get a sense of the sorts of things they do in Supercontext. Then listen to episode 55 David Lapham’s Stray Bullets.

Also listen to Episode 1 of The Web We Weave, “FiveThirtyEight.”

And Backstory “FIRST DRAFT 8.18: CHARLOTTESVILLE: OUR TOWN, OUR COUNTRY” [Edit: Consider this one optional]

4  9/11 Sketch 3: Podcast graphics

If you didn’t manage to publish your combophoto sketch before class, just get it up sometime today. Sometime today, you should also publish your technology literacy narrative as a page on your site, then publish a reflective blog post that links to your narrative. (You will have chances to revise this literacy narrative.)

Today in class, I’ll show you a couple of tricks in WordPress and we’ll spend a bit of time discussing the podcast assignment in advance of class on Thursday, which will be pretty much entirely devoted to the podcast series. But we’ll spend the bulk of our time discussing Henry Jenkins’ essay “Worship at the Altar of Convergence.” Here’s a Google doc for taking notes on the Jenkins discussion.

Thursday, my friend and podcasting guru Charlie Bennett will visit our class and help us make plans for that project. We’ll decide on a title and some ground rules for the series, and hopefully begin to map out episodes and groups. Listen to the episodes of Supercontext and The Web We Weave, and if you get a chance listen to Backstory too.

Once we’ve settled on a title and some ground rules, your sketch assignment for the start of next week will be to design a square visual for the podcast episode — we need the image in order for iTunes to authenticate our podcast so that people can easily subscribe to it.

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