The numeral 5

Week Ahead: 5

5  9/18 [Begin collecting data for Sketch 6 data viz assignment] Sketch 4: Triptych
 9/19 Writing Online, chpt 1 “Hello World”
 9/21 Dylan Matthews in Vox “These colleges are better than Harvard at making poor kids rich

Gregor Aisch, Larry Buchanan, Amanda Cox and Kevin Quealy in NYT “Some Colleges Have More Students From the Top 1 Percent than the Bottom 60. Find Yours.”

 9/22 Podcasts 1 & 2
 6  9/25 Sketch 5: Music Mix

As you read chapter 1 of Writing Online, you should complete the coding tasks Pullman is walking you through as you read. Which means you will need a plain text editor (not MS Word or Google docs). My favored text editors are TextWrangler (Mac only, I think) or Atom (which is Mac, Windows, or Linux). Notepad++ for Windows is also highly rated. Keep your eyes open for a screencast video which I’ll be posting here sometime soon with some additional instructions for this assignment (mostly with regard to loading the CSS and HTML files you create onto your server).

Also, over the course of this week you should be collecting the data from your daily life, which you will be visualizing in a couple of weeks for Sketch 6. I’ll flesh out the sketch post today (Saturday) so you can start tracking your data this week.

On Thursday, we’ll take the first steps on one of the two major collaborative projects this semester as we discuss two articles about the Equality of Opportunity Project.

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