Week Ahead: 7

 7  10/2 [Rip a movie to MPEG in preparation for Sketch 7 movie montage assignment] Sketch 6: Data viz from everyday life
 10/3 Janet Murray, Hamlet on the Holodeck. Read all of chapter 2 “Harbingers of the Holodeck,” including its update (pp 33-79), plus the update for chapter 1, “Lord Burleigh’s Kiss” (pp 29-31) and the update for chapter 10 “Hamlet on the Holodeck?” (pp 359-62).
 10/4 Extra credit opportunity! Janet Murray lecture: 4:30 pm in Jones Room on 3rd floor, library
 10/5 Writing Online chpt 2 “Digital Rhetoric”
 10/6 Podcasts 5 & 6

On Tuesday, we’ll pick back up our discussion of Nicholas Carr and also discuss Janet Murray’s book Hamlet on the Holodeck. We’ll also actually spend more time discussing the Equality of Opportunity Project essay.

Please do attend Janet Murray’s lecture if it’s possible for you to do so. It should be centrally related to issues this class is addressing and I expect that it will be really interesting.

You will not have a sketch assignment due on Monday 10/9 because of the fall break; however, sometime this week you should get your hands on a DVD for a movie that you are interested in watching — it can be a movie you’ve seen before or not — and rip that to MPEG. (Instructions for doing so with Handbrake in the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship coming soon.) You should also install VLC, which is a free open-source cross-platform media player. It runs on all systems (Mac, Windows, Unix) and will play most any media type, and can be used to convert between types, so it’s a very useful tool to have anyway. Note: if you have a DVD player in your computer, you can skip the step of ripping the DVD. Simply watch the DVD directly in VLC and grab screenshots that way.


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