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This week’s episode of Media Nouveau takes a look at My Favorite Murder, a comedic true-crime podcast hosted by two women who think there’s nothing more interesting than a good murder. In this episode, we will be examining how the genre of true crime has been altered by new media, especially My Favorite Murder, and the ways feminism tie in to the participatory culture of the podcast. Specifically, we discuss the ways in which new media such as MFM has allowed “women’s genres” to become more than just niche books and television shows.


Marks, Andrea. “How a True-Crime Podcast Became a Mental-Health Support Group

Fitzpatrick, Molly. “How Two Hilarious Women Turned a Comedy-Murder Podcast Into a Phenomenon

Hirschman Weiss, Shira. “Summer’s Surprising Hit Podcast: My Favorite Murder

Stewart, Allison. “My Favorite Murder and the Growing Acceptance of True-Crime Entertainment

Chris Weller. “Young Women Are the Biggest True Crime Buffs — Here’s Why

Kyriazis, Stefan. “Why Are Women More Bloodthirsty Than Men? Why Do They Love Crime and Murder Books So Much?

Vicary, Amanda M. & Fraley, R. Chris. “Captured By True Crime: Why Are Women Drawn to Tales of Rape, Murder, and Serial Killers?


Cameo Appearance” by Small Tall Order


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