"Friends: The Television Show" milkshake poster circa 1994

“Monet still well in the lead, but look out for team Klimt coming from behind”

As I was walking back to my office after class today, I saw that the dorm poster kiosk is on campus today. Prominent in their display to entice shoppers were posters such as these topical images:


"Friends: The Television Show" milkshake poster circa 1994

(“F-r-i-e-n-d-s: The Television Show” milkshake poster circa 1994)

Poster display on campus showing Michale Jordan

(Michael Jordan at the NBA dunk contest in 1988.)

Why are these posters not only for sale at the kiosk but in use as advertisements for the kiosk? Is it because college-aged students right now are really interested in 20 year old pop culture references? Or is it a product of copyright — these poster companies have been violating copyright on these iconic images so blatantly for so long that it’s impossible for anyone to try to enforce copyright images on them and so they know they can sell them without being sued over the rights?

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