The numeral 5

Revisions to the week(s) ahead

5  9/18 [Begin collecting data for Sketch 6 data viz assignment] Sketch 4: Triptych
 9/19 Podcast graphics & intro, data gathering, Creative Commons,
 9/21 Writing Online, chpt 1 “Hello World”
 9/22 Podcasts 1 & 2
 6  9/25 Sketch 5: Music Mix

I’ve made some changed to the schedule page for the next few weeks and have updated a number of sketch post assignments on the site since yesterday, as I said I would in class yesterday. These changes are mostly in response to Hurricane Irma and the new information I learned about Janet Murray visiting Emory in a few weeks. This post is here to help you keep track of what’s changed to minimize confusion.

Originally, you were scheduled to have read Pullman’s chapter 1 and to have completed some of the coding exercises for class yesterday, but we spent class yesterday discussing the podcast graphics and intro, the data visualization and music mix assignments that are coming up, and Creative Commons instead. I’ve not had a chance to record a screencast help for the coding assignment yet, but I will try to do that tonight. It’s likely that much of our class Thursday will be devoted to workshop time where we’ll work on the coding assignment together in class. If you haven’t finished reading the Pullman chapter, do that before class, but we’ll spend time in class workshopping and troubleshooting it. Bring your laptops to class.

I moved the reading originally scheduled for 9/19 back to next week.

Sketch assignments

The music mix prompt was mostly finished yesterday, but I made some further edits this morning. It’s a very flexible assignment so there’s a lot of room for you to take it as you’d like, but the main thing is to publish 3 things in a post to your site: the music mix or playlist, an image that serves as the album cover for your mix, and a couple of paragraphs of reflection where you explain what rhetorical situation your mix responds to and how and why it does so.

If you haven’t already started tracking data for the data visualization sketch assignment, start doing so as soon as possible. I want you to have at least one full week’s worth of data gathered that will form the basis of your visualization. Katie Rawson, an Emory librarian, will be visiting class on Tuesday to speak with us about working with data and visualization. That visit will be more productive if you’ve got most of your data gathered by then.


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