One part of the promised screencast

I promised a screencast video showing you how to upload files onto your Reclaim Hosting server, which I am embedding below. I didn’t really deal with the coding itself, but focused instead on getting the file published once you have them. We’ll spend part of class tomorrow in a workshop mode looking at the code.

For now, I want you to create a folder in the subdomain called “code” and to upload the index.html and style.css files into that folder. Those files should put together a landing page, following Pullman’s instructions, with an image, some basic description about you, and a link from the landing page to your subdomain. I’m less interested, right now, in whether this landing page is beautiful or intricate or anything else and more interested in you practicing the fundamental concepts that Pullman is showing you — moving beyond using your computer as if it were a typewriting, avoiding in-line styling, and instead recognizing how to think about content, structure, and style as separate, discrete elements.

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