9 of diamonds

Week Ahead: 9

 9  10/16  Shoot or select video for Sketch 9 cinemagraph assignment. Sketch 7: Movie Montage
 10/17 Rolin Moe, “All I Know Is What’s on the Internet
 10/19 Writing Online chpt 3
 10/20 Podcasts 9 & 10

I’m going to cancel sketch 8, so you won’t have another sketch assignment due until 10/30. However, for sketch 9 you will make a cinemagraph — which is a specialized merging of a photograph and a GIF. You will either need to shoot some video yourself or find video online that you can edit into a cinemagraph, so be thinking ahead/keeping an eye out for possibilities.

The link for Rolin Moe’s essay was broken on the schedule earlier, but it’s fixed now and in the table above. The piece is relatively short.

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